"We are hampered our meeting of the environmental crisis by a severe and pervasive apathy which is based largely upon feelings and attitudes of which we are unconscious."

                                          Harold F. Searles, MD, 1972


Benjamin White, LCSW, CGP

I had been drawn to the connections between modern clinical theories and climate change for several years, dating back to my time as the resident naturalist at the Toklat homestead in the Castle Creek valley near Aspen, CO.

Sometime during my clinical training I opened a textbook to encounter this quote from Harold Searles, part of a paper entitled "Unconscious process in relation to the environmental crisis." It was one of those moments that I'll never forget.  Thoughts and feelings which I'd held for years were being given new life and finding a new home.

It's my hope that by furthering the field of Climate Psychology, with particular attention to unconscious dynamics--the things that often escape our immediate attention--that I might offer similar freedom to those who are drawn to issues of climate change and sustainability, but find themselves "hampered", likely by forces that are beyond our current awareness.

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